HITORI web & mobile app development services:

Schweppes Connect Enterprise Apps

mobile & tablet enterprise apps

mobile ordering on-the-go via sap

Developed for iPhone, iPad and Android phone, the Schweppes Connect apps allow customers to process orders directly to the Schweppes central ordering system.

The enterprise mobile apps include a shopping cart, offline & data-sync functionality, access to a range of Schweppes products and keeps customer specific information such as pricing, shipping details, order history and templates within easy reach.

All data is integrated with SAP software via a custom REST API.


enterprise app developers

productivity improvement Android app

Sapien's Bornkool software for Android phones, tablets & Google Nexus devices is a key part of several livestock management companies key operations.

This complex enterprise mobile app development project included UX/UI design and 'talks' to a centralised remote SQL database via a REST API and stores & syncs data locally on the device. There is various user levels, farm specific information and Bluetooth connectivity to 3rd party devices such as weigh scales and RFID ear-tag stick readers.

Released as an Enterprise Application for Android devices.


enterprise mobile app

productivity improvement mobile apps

Bertocchi's mobile app development for both iPhone & Android phone is an essential part of the companies remote operation allowing drivers to view products, create & print invoices, manage stock + more.

Project included UX/UI design and was developed using a range of mobile and web-based programming technologies. This high-tech app integrates with a remote SQL database via a custom built REST API & syncs data to local storage on the device. There is various complex user levels, pricing algorithms, printing functions, notifications and wireless connectivity services. Complex indeed!

Released under the Apple Enterprise Program and Android.


mobile & tablet apps

Shopkins Collectors Tool Mobile Apps

With 1+ million downloads the Official Shopkins Collectors List mobile apps have a central account/login & integrated web application.

If you have kids you will likely understand the obsession with Shopkins! We developed these universal mobile apps for both phone & tablet across iOS and Android.

The Shopkins Collector apps are very popular with an average of 1000 concurrent users at all times (nearly 4k over Christmas!). The mobile apps also received a total of 135,000+ downloads within the first 30 days of launch!

Dulux Bunnings Scan App

enterprise mobile app

barcode scanning & stock ordering

Dulux's scan app is centre focus when it comes to stock-take for Bunnings range of DuluxGroup products such as Dulux paints, Cabots and British Paints (to name a few).

Developed using native & hybrid mobile technologies and integrated with a Django back-end these apps allow staff at Bunnings warehouses to replenish stock by simply scanning a barcode. Project also included UX/UI design and various strategy sessions with Dulux and Bunnings.

This app connects to infrared scanning hardware and includes a shopping cart, custom user levels and integration with 3rd party software for order processing.

Released as an Enterprise app for both iPhone & Android phone.

Enterprise iPad application

iPad Property Inspection & QA app

Dulux's QA iPad app is an integral part of the property inspection teams daily activities.

Previously a paper-based system with several issues (such as lost paperwork!) our new mobile app has revolutionised the way the staff operate and has drastically increased productivity.

The iPad app allows users to take photos of property inspection issues, highlight problem areas using a drawing function and submit completed activities to a custom API. Final reports are also generated as PDF's with photos and emailed to the client and Dulux HQ.

Project included UX/UI design, Python/Django REST API web app development, iOS and Android mobile app development and was released as an Enterprise app for iPad, iPhone and Android mobile and tablet devices.

Dulux QA iPad Mobile App Development Melbourne

Drupal PHP CMS website

product website for toy company

Moose Toys is a revolutionary toy manufacturing company based in Melbourne with various global marketing locations.

We developed the Moose Toys website with the Melbourne based team using the open-source Drupal PHP CMS platform, HTML5 and JavaScript web development technologies.

The site includes the entire Moose product catalogue, video content, social media integration and various other social API integrated features such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram API integration.

In addition to the main corporate site we have completed web development for various micro-sites such as Qixels World and The Ugglys.

Moose Toys

Travel-Tech Startup

social travel planning apps

TravelSherpa social travel planning apps. Find travel companions, connect with local residents, create trip to-do lists and track & share your travels.

TravelSherpa is a real travel community, a place where you can plan your trips, meet like-minded travellers and make REAL life connections with REAL people either face-to-face or through the app via your message inbox. Download the app today & start your journey!

Project included UX/UI design, Python/Django REST API development, iOS/Android mobile app development and full product marketing, branding and digital strategy.

Plan & Share. Connect. Find.

TravelSherpa - Social Travel Planning Apps

CMS website & blog

high traffic blog for parents

Mums Grapevine is a high traffic website with a large amount on concurrent users. The site houses blog articles targeted at mums and dads with children under 5 years of age (as you can imagine it's quite popular!).

Developed with WordPress and CloudFront CDN technology this incredibly large website has over 3000 posts and sees very high daily visitor numbers so high-performing code and server configuration was a must!

The new site was developed responsive for optimal viewing on mobile, desktop & tablet and included migrating of all content, article posts and image assets from the old site to the new site & server environments. Databases, users and CDN's were also migrated while ensuring minimal downtime during go-live.

Mums Grapevine

web application

The ONLY app to help you rate and track your brain health

This evidence-based app for web, iOS & Android mobile & tablet has much more than just a brain game!

How brain-healthy do you think you are? BrainyApp will guide you on how to live a brain-healthy lifestyle and show you that what is good for your heart is also good for your brain. To get the most out of BrainyApp, start by taking the Brain Health Survey, which will give you your initial brain health score.

Web app development with Ember.js, Python/Django, JavaScript, HTML5 & Sass. HITORI also completed the mobile app development projects for iOS and Android which are linked via a central web application account.

BrainyApp Web & Mobile App Development Melbourne

website & online store (responsive)


The idea was to build an 'adventure' focused site which would allow the Australian manufacturer to compete with its international counterparts.

We achieved this by designing an image heavy responsive website optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile to ensure the company leverages visitors on all device types. Developed with Magento e-commerce, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP and MySQL. The site also includes a custom ANZ bank payment gateway and MailChimp API integration for customer email marketing.

Wilderness Wear E-Commerce

Healthcare / eHealth apps

Medical mobile & web apps

CardiacMate is a state-of-the-art medical app & eHealth system for iPhone, Android and web with a strong focus on the cardiovascular health and monitoring of hospital patients.

The iPhone, Android and web-based medical apps are highly interactive and have various graphing, 'optimal' health range monitoring and 'heart age' calculations to allow patients and doctors to monitor and improve their health.

Project included UX/UI design, digital strategy sessions with various cardiologists / health professionals and web & medical app development with Ember.js, HTML5, Sass/CSS3, JavaScript, Objective-C, Java, Python/Django development & PostgreSQL. Includes secure https protocols, HIPAA compliance and a custom REST API for syncing of data between mobile and web apps.


mobile & tablet apps

The ONLY app to help you rate and track your brain health

This evidence-based app for web, iOS & Android mobile & tablet has much more than just a brain game!

BrainyApp was developed by Alzheimer's Australia and Bupa Health Foundation to raise community awareness of the risk factors for Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia and on how to live a brain healthy lifestyle.

Mobile apps available for iPhone, iPad, Android phone & tablet. Integrated with a central cloud-based Python/Django REST API & Ember.js web application.

Web App Development Melbourne

fitness mobile apps


Earn cash for riding! Enter competitions to win real ca$h! KashKom provides you with an opportunity to ride for real cash, compete with your friends and fund your cycling life-style.

Compete & track rides. Connect your Garmin device & compete. Connect your device directly to KashKom and track your rides and detailed statistics such as ride time, elevation, average speed & more.

Developed cross-platform for iPhone and Android phone; integrated into the Garmin PUSH API and a Python/Django REST API. Conversion of Garmin FIT files; automated ranking algorithms, geo-mapping, Stripe payments and more! Project included UX/UI design and field testing with various cycling groups around Melbourne.


mobile app

quote creation and customer management app

Developed cross-platform for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, the Dulux Plus mobile apps allow painters to create customer estimates & quotes based on personalised pricing, settings and quote templates.

The app quote process includes paint colour selection, pricing calculations for area and hourly based quotes, PDF email generation and quote follow-up notifications.

Integrated with a Python/Django back-end & 3rd party SQL database server.

HR automation tech Startup

Connecting Jobs & People

SnapMatch allows Employers to post part-time, casual & temporary job requirements and SnapMatch will instantly provide suitable job seekers. Job Seekers are matched on their skills, experience, availability and location.

Job Seekers create a personal SnapMatch profile letting SnapMatch and employers know when you require work. You will receive job offers that match your skills and availability. SnapMatch is continually working for you finding you a job or an employee. SnapMatch will make managing a shift roster easy, confirming availability and acceptance in seconds.

Developed with React Native, Ember.js, Python & Django; included full UX/UI design, digital strategy and product marketing (it's our app after all!)

Watch the SnapMatch App Demo Video

SnapMatch HR Automation Apps

iPad application

Socialsuite helps organisations measure and report social outcomes

Socialsuite for iOS and Android is designed with an easy-to-use user interface for data collectors to collect outcomes from program beneficiaries.

Project included UX/UI design, strategy, Salesforce API/SmartStore integration and mobile app development for iOS and Android devices. Data collected is automatically synced to Socialsuite desktop where outcome reports can be automatically generated and downloaded. Socialsuite works online & offline and is suitable for data collection in remote communities.

Social Suite

web application

Official Shopkins List Web App

Web version of the mobile apps developed for kids everywhere!

We developed multiple apps for the Shopkins List Collectors tool across both web & mobile. All of the apps sync together via a Python/Django REST API and save data into a PostgreSQL database. The front-end of the web app is built using an Ember.js web application framework.

The various web and mobile (iOS & Android) apps receive an average of 1000 user requests per minute and we achieve an 0.3ms response (via an Nginx server). Start tracking your collection today!


website (responsive) & facebook app


Hitori were appointed to design & develop a complete digital campaign for The Coffee Club & Ricky Martin.

The campaign included a competition website, Facebook app with 'like gate' and animated digital assets for Yahoo!7, Fairfax, NineMSN and ARN websites. The competition was the largest run by The Coffee Club and dramatically increased website visitors and Facebook likes.

3 Month Digital Campaign; now completed. View more assets from the campaign on Pinterest.

Ricky Martin


video direction company showcase website

OTTO partners with some of the best video producers and directors in the world to create amazing video content for global clients.

To do justice to the amazing commercial video work showcased across the site we designed and developed a clean UI, built into WordPress, CloudFlare and integrated Vimeo for 3rd-party video hosting.

The site is clean and emphasises the work showcased across the site including a solid single-page video player and navigation function.


enterprise web app development

360° cloud-based staff kpi & performance management web application

LODESTAR® improves communication and employee engagement, provides 360° feedback, develops self-management and keeps the whole company engaged on the daily tasks.

We developed this web application using the a variety of cloud-based web technologies including a custom developed PHP MVC structure, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery. The app allows companies and staff to view KPI graphs, create and answer KPI questions and take part in the companies web-based forum. Project included UX/UI design and strategy consulting.

Available as a private enterprise app.

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