What is Digital Automation?

Digital Automation can be used in a wide variety of settings and is applicable to and can be implemented in almost any industry.

At its core, digital automation focuses on automating tasks that currently involve human interaction. Some examples include; generating reports from data (PDFs, Excel/Word docs etc), updating product or pricing information, sending emails or text messages, contacting users or customers based on engagement (or lack thereof) or sending invoices, reports, reminders.

Digital Automation can be used to remove the need for human involvement where repetitive (and usually tedious) hands on manual work is currently needed; think aggregating data, creating excel spreadsheets, updating prices manually in websites/catalogues.

Most of the digital automation we do also includes integrating with other 3rd-party API’s (SQL databases, Salesforce, SAP, CRM’s etc).

There is likely many areas in which your business/enterprise can benefit from automation to allow you to re-delegate staff to more important tasks, can you think of any? If so contact us today, we’d love to help.

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