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HITORI web & mobile app developers help innovative enterprises & startups improve productivity, evolve archaic systems and turn great app ideas into working products.

We dedicate the time required to fully understand your project, help validate and commercialise your idea, provide fixed quotes or pay by the hour arrangements and deliver on-time. Our web & mobile app developers based in our South Melbourne studio have experience across a range of industries and clientele from startups, enterprises and medical institutions such as Schweppes, Dulux, Austin Health and The Alfred.

In addition to our core web & mobile app development focus we provide a range of digital services including UX/UI design, website development, e-commerce, digital marketing and strategy. We’re a team of Melbourne based ‘Digital Samurai’s’ big enough to deliver, but small enough to care on a personal level – check out our web/app development portfolio.

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App Developers Melbourne

what does 'HITORI' mean?

one agency. one user. one person.

The person who is reading this on our website right now, in front of a desktop computer, tablet device or smartphone; that is you! HITORI app developers Melbourne design and develop apps and websites for the end user. Solutions that are visually appealing and inviting, highly usable and beneficial for a business. So if you haven't guessed yet, 'Hitori' is the Japanese word for One Person; you, the end user.

Learn more, download our PDF profile or read our Core Values.

App Developers Melbourne
Our Core Team of Web/Mobile App Developers & Digital Product Designers in Melbourne
Vijay - snr. engineer
Brent - MD
Chandi - developer
Nick - CTD/founder
Salman - developer
Mel - developer
Testimonials & Recommendations
"I engaged Hitori to develop CardiacMate a smartphone based secondary prevention program for patients who have suffered a heart attack. CardiacMate has been used as part of a clinical trial in cardiac patients throughout the major hospitals in Melbourne.

Together we developed an excellent working relationship and I found them to be very receptive not only with the development of the App but also in understanding the Doctor and Patient requirements.

I have referred Hitori to other Health Professionals to assist with the development of medical software applications." — Dr Matias Yudi (CardiacMate)
"You guys at Hitori rock! Hitori did an amazing job developing our website FlyTrendy as well as 4 multilingual Apps! We'll be working with you in the future for other projects we have in the pipeline!" — Adriano Di Giulio (FlyTrendy Group)
"Great team - flexible and conscientious with a great attitude." — Dr Shane Nanayakkara (Check out for the new Pump cardiac HealthTech app developed with Alfred Health)
"I have dealt with Hitori in my previous role at Dulux with the construction of an app based software system and have been happy with the quality of their work and high standard of service so I would recommend considering them to anyone." — Tom Hammond (Dulux)
"We appreciate the work that Hitori has done and we would like you to know that we are very happy with the quality of work." — Tristan Boehm (JOLS)

HITORI Web & Mobile App Development Melbourne, Australia

Hitori's app developers provide a range of specialised app development and digital product design services. We focus on a select range of high-end app development technology stacks and frameworks including Python & Django, JavaScript, React Native, Ember.js and also a range of open-source PHP web development software for marketing and e-commerce based CMS websites such as WordPress, Drupal and Magento. Our core focus is in providing web app development, mobile app development, API design & development, 3rd-party API and device integration, web development, and app design for both web applications and mobile apps in the enterprise, medical/healthcare and startup worlds.


We help and educate you as a business owner/manager &/or startup founder/entrepreneur on how to go from app idea to reality not only providing the digital UX/UI design and app development services but also consulting in technology, product design, DevOps, enterprise mobile/web-based software, startups and business. If you are on the lookout for a long-term app development/design partner in Melbourne, Australia for your business or startup contact us today, we'd love to chat.


Enterprise Mobility, Web Applications, Mobile Apps, Digital Strategy, HealthTech / MedTech, Digital Transformation, DevOps, REST API Development, 3rd-Party API Integration, Load Testing, Digital Product Design, Websites, E-Commerce, Design Thinking, Startups, CTO for Hire, IoT, Automation, and Algorithms.

our process

we think.
design. involve.
develop. support.

We help INNOVATIVE enterprises & startups improve productivity, evolve archaic systems and turn great app ideas into working products.

But we don't just make apps, we build digital businesses and make apps that improve lives.

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We help innovative enterprises & startups improve productivity, evolve archaic systems and turn great app ideas into working products. But we don't just make apps, we build digital businesses and make apps that improve lives; all locally from our South Melbourne studio.

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