Monash Health Virtual Hospital

    The Monash Health Virtual Hospital mobile application is a HIPAA compliant digital health platform integrated with various 3rd-party bluetooth medical devices to allow Monash clinicians to monitor patient health remotely drastically improving patient care and hospital in-patient productivity and recovery.

    The medtech mobile application monitors everything using bluetooth medical devices; from blood pressure, oxygen saturation monitor / finger oxygen monitor, temperature / thermometer medical, pulse oximeter, weight and heart rate. In addition the application also provides an AI chatbot for quick and prompt help. Hitori consulted with various medical device software development companies during app development.

    Data is secured in the cloud and analysed remotely by Monash Health clinicians.

    This healthtech mobile application we developed for this Melbourne based medical provider has moved them into the virtual hospital healthcare era. The medical mobile app was developed cross-platform using React Native for both iOS and Android with a secure HIPAA compliant Python/Django REST API and patient facing 3rd-party device integration with A&D medical and Vivalink wearable medical devices / investigational device; all medical devices send data to the cloud securely and are connected to the patients mobile application via bluetooth.

    What we did:

    • UX/UI design
    • React Native development
    • Python/Django REST API development
    • SDK integration for 3rd-party devices
    • AI chatbot integration
    • AWS DevOps & hosting
    • HIPAA compliance
    • Touch/FaceID for 2FA
    • iOS & Android app store release.


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