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Bushido is a Japanese term describing a codified way of life.

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Our ‘Bushido' & Company Purpose

Bushido is a Japanese term describing a codified way of life. At HITORI we have our own ‘code’ or ‘core values’ which we adhere to, this code ensures we deliver successful project outcomes and work honestly and fairly with all clients.


  1. We’re transparent, honest & deliver what we promise
  2. We pursue growth & learning always (Kaizen)
  3. We courageously embrace and drive change
  4. We love what we do but embrace a true work/life balance
  5. We’re passionate but unpretentious & easy to work with
  6. We seek opportunity & take action to deliver.


These core values help drive our company purpose to ‘partner with innovators to build technology-first companies and digital products that improve lives’ – this is the basis and drive for our focus on creating digital products and apps that matter and drive positive outcomes in productivity and process improvement – it’s why we focus so heavily on the enterprise, healthcare and startup sectors; we want to help companies, industries and people become better; and free up their time for the more important things.

Find out more about us and our beliefs/values in our FAQ’s (and no we’re not Japanese but if you hadn’t noticed our founder does have a soft spot for Japan!).

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