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But COLLABORATION is the common denominator in our app development company. It's what we constantly thrive on. It's where the real magic happens, and it reflects in our work and how clients view us.

Melbourne's Premier App Development Company

Make waves with design that takes your mobile presence to the next level. Hitori are a Melbourne based mobile app development company that like to keep ahead of the curve. We offer a dynamic range of design and development services that are unique in the Melbourne industry because of the fresh, innovative approach we take. We like to think of ourselves as concept explorers, taking your initial vision and then fleshing it out to create something that is truly revolutionary.

The Mobile is Taking Over

Now more than ever, having a website that is mobile responsive, or better still, having an app your clientele can download is crucial to the lifeblood of your business. In Australia, the smartphone is king. Statistics from early 2015 indicate that over 60% of the Australian population use a smartphone and within that demographic, 90% are using their smartphone to access the internet. For businesses in Melbourne and around the country, that means that over half of your potential clientele are using their mobile to seek local products and services.

Switching to mobile responsive web design, or an app will soon become a necessity for businesses who want to succeed in the digital age. Keep ahead of the times with Hitori and have our developers create intelligent, mobile friendly software that puts your business front and centre.

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