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Mobile App Development Melbourne

HITORI is a leading Melbourne mobile app development company offering enterprise app development, healthcare, medical, and startup services. Our team has helped industry giants like Schweppes and Dulux improve productivity by mobilising their ordering and QA inspection systems.

Our HealthTech app developers design medical apps for the Austin & Alfred hospitals, ensuring HIPAA compliance for digital health platforms. We also assist entrepreneurs and ‘intrapreneurs’ in bringing innovative, groundbreaking ideas to life.

With over a decade of experience as iPhone app developers and Android app developers, our team has worked across various industries, helping clients with their digital transformation processes, mobile application strategies, and mobile app builds.

Our mobile app developers excel in creating software from ‘ground up’ designs and revamping outdated platforms and traditional PC/desktop software. We provide expert guidance in mobile app development.

At HITORI, we understand that successful app development goes beyond creating a functional application. We offer UX/UI design services to ensure your app not only looks great but is also user-friendly and intuitive. Our design team uses the latest tools and technologies to create engaging interfaces that keep users coming back.

Additionally, we offer strategy, API development, and integration services to help you define your app’s purpose and optimise its functionality. With HITORI, you get a complete package that delivers results and meets your business goals.

HITORI app development company dedicates the time required to fully understand your project and ensure we deliver the best mobile app development solution for iPhone/iPad (iOS) and Android using React Native, Objective-C, Swift, and/or Java/Kotlin.

In addition to our core web and mobile app development services, we provide UX/UI design, strategy, and API development & integration.

Mobile App Development Melbourne

Hitori is a digital product studio in Melbourne, Australia. We help innovative enterprises & startups improve productivity, evolve archaic systems and turn great app ideas into working products. But we don't just make apps, we build digital businesses and platforms that improve lives; all locally from our Melbourne studio.

Mobile App Development FAQ's

Apple and Android run two entirely different mobile operating systems (similar to MacOS and Windows) that run apps built written with different programming languages and software.

iOS (Apple iPhone and iPad) runs Objective-C and Swift and is developed/compiled using XCode a proprietary Apple software program that runs on Mac computers only.

Android (a range of device manufacturers such as Samsung use Android) runs Java and is developed/compiled using Android Studio a Google software program that runs on both Mac and PC based computers.

The ‘issue’ with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android running on different programming languages is that apps need to be coded, built and updated individually as completely separate projects which understandably requires different skill-sets developer wise which increases costs and can also create inconsistencies between platforms.

To work around the separation issue, mobile development platforms such as Apache Cordova or more recently (and importantly) React Native and Google Flutter have come to market to solve these issues (see more in the next Q).

A hybrid mobile app is an app developed using a mobile platform such as Apache Cordova.

Cordova of which there are many iterations (most famously Adobe’s PhoneGap) allowed web developers to build ‘native’ installable mobile applications that could access native API’s such as the device gallery, camera and GPS.

Hybrid apps are developed using web coding languages such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS; hybrid mobile apps run in a web view and are ‘wrapped’ in a native app container. The apps are downloadable from app stores such as Apple App Store and Google Play Store and are installed natively on the mobile phone however they are not truly native and have a slower max frame rate somewhat limiting the performance (on older devices especially).

We built several hybrid apps pre 2015 even for big companies such as Dulux and Schweppes however these days we do not recommend hybrid apps as there is much better ways to build a single mobile app that runs on both iOS and Android; cross-platform, see more about cross-platform mobile app development in our next Q!

A cross-platform app is a native app developed using React Native or other mobile app development platform that allows app developers to code in a single code base using web development coding languages (JS/HTML/CSS) yet unlike hybrid apps they are compiled down to fully NATIVE code! i.e. instead of running in a web view like hybrid apps React Native (and Flutter) apps are coded once (sometimes with some slight variations for platform specific UX) and when built in XCode / Android Studio compile to equivalent native code and UI components for each platform (i.e. Swift, Obj-C, Java) and when run on a mobile device operate and function the same as a natively coded application.

React Native is almost always the way to go in this day and age with enterprise, business or startup apps; unless you are building a game, have some super over the top high intensity requirements or have massive budgets and a very, very big team!

A wide variety of tools are required to build mobile apps. We use React Native, XCode, Android Studio, Swift, Objective-C and Java for the most part; almost all of our apps also have a back-end API hosted in the cloud on AWS and use a variety of native API’s for accessing information on the mobile device such as camera, gallery, GPS, contacts list and more!

Depending on the complexity of the app, design and development can take ~3-6 months on average but can also take up to a year if your mobile application is really complex! Alot of the apps we build are full platforms so also have at least an API and sometimes also a web app.

Once development is completed and the app is tested it takes up to a week max for app store review in most cases and a day or two for future app updates to the app stores after the first submission. On average you can expect 2-3 days.

We have built many different kinds of mobile apps across lots of industry sectors for well over a decade now; these include mobile applications for healthcare, enterprise and business apps (that usually also have a web app and 3rd-party API integrations such as Salesforce, Xero, SAP) and also for several startups such as a social media app integrated with Facebook and Instagram API’s.

Alot of the apps we have developed have also been integrated with 3rd-party SDK’s and bluetooth devices such as medical devices, lazer measuring devices and even one that had weigh scales to weigh cows!

We’ve also designed and built several apps/startups of our own from the ground up in the healthtech space, HRtech and travel!


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