Threadheads Artists Dashboard

    We built Threadheads invite-only artist platform that is integrated with their customer facing Shopify website.

    Our platform ensures all artists are paid a handsome commission for any products sold using their designs by tracking all sales and providing transparency to artists. Our platform allows artists to upload and manage their own artwork on the site, check sales in real-time and cash-out in their chosen currency.

    The platform is integrated with Shopify’s API for product/vendors and PayPal for auto-payouts to artists worldwide.

    Melbourne mates make $13 million from ‘fun’ T-shirt company Threadheads.

    What we did:

    • UX/UI design
    • Ember.js web app development
    • Python/Django REST API development
    • Shopify API integration
    • PayPal Payouts API integration
    • Automated Payouts with currency conversion
    • AWS DevOps & hosting.


    Client Threadheads

    Threadheads online tshirts