VoxSpot Geo-based Social App

    Introducing VoxSpot, a mobile app that allows you to broadcast questions and get instant replies from people in the suburb or those near your current location.

    Find out what’s the latest buzz around you with VoxSpot. Use VoxSpot to voice your opinions and promote events to people nearby or to everyone in a particular suburb or location.

    Developed cross-platform for iPhone and Android using React Native and backed by a custom built Python/Django API using real-time WebSockets for chat! VoxSpot allows the sharing of video, photos and instant chat messages using the app users current GPS location for location based chat.

    VoxSpot was trending at #2 on the Android app store the day of release and has ranked in the top 100 social apps ever on the Apple app store!

    What we did:

    • UX/UI design
    • React Native mobile app development
    • Ember.js web app development
    • Python/Django REST API development
    • Geo-location mapping
    • AWS DevOps & hosting
    • iOS & Android app store release.
    Geo-based Social App
    Geo-based Social App
    Geo-based Social App
    Geo-based Social App Development
    Geo-based Social App