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Augmented Teams in Melbourne, Australia

HITORI provides augmented technology, engineering, product design and app development teams from our studio in Melbourne, Australia.

We work with innovators globally to build bespoke apps and software for web, mobile and cloud. We can partner with you to create an augmented tech team that works either as; or as part of, your local tech and development team – attending regular meetings/sprints/sessions and then working directly with your managers, staff and team members on-going to deliver.

We work hand in hand with your organisation and product goals over the short to long-term. We provide developers, engineers, designers and team leads to work inline with your project goals and can assist with all parts of the product life-cycle; from planning and strategy to design, code and launch.

We can also (and prefer) to work with you and your team over the long-term to build out new products &/or product features, help with product design, planning and roll-out.

Finding good developers and tech staff that stick around is hard, finding tech gurus that are reliable and also actually know what they are doing is even harder!

We fill this gap by providing a solid local foundation that will be by your side and can help slot new team members in place as and when required to ensure project goals and milestones are met – we’re also based in Melbourne so have a local presence with people on the ground. Reach out today if you’d like to discuss.


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