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Appster liquidation

Appster is in liquidation

Appster is in liquidation and within hours we are seeing opportunist agencies chasing their projects apparently wanting to help out Appsters ex-clients.
We saw it before when Buzinga went into liquidation and Appster was one of those agencies chasing their ex-clients.

These sort of tactics show that the progressive businesses we portray ourselves as are still quite happy to resort to old tricks to chase more business using emotional triggers to prey on people who would be worried what’s going to happen with their dream projects.

Everyone needs to ‘wait up’, there’s a process that the Liquidators need to follow and one we hope may assist the unfortunate ex-clients get their projects finished.

Attempting to poach Appster clients while they are still trying to compute (excuse the pun) what is going to be best for them is only exasperating the situation.

I am sure they are all capable and more the wiser now to find a suitable development partner to finish their projects.

Unfortunately some would’ve already made significant payments to Appster and will need to continue to pay their new developers to complete the works.
Timeframes will need to be extended and depending on the code quality some of the work may be unusable and require rework by the new developers, let’s hope this is minimal.

Hopefully we’ve learnt that marketing hype, company size and investor backing do not always mean you will get a quality outcome.

Post by Brent Cole, 10th December ’18 – view all Blog & FAQ articles

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